A Blockchain Open-World MMORPG
on Terra Protocol

Welcome to DragonSB

DragonSB is the first metaverse MMORPG built on Terra Protocol and Binance Smart Chain Platform.

In the DragonSB's metaverse, players can control powerful dragons into battles and roam the beautiful world of DragonSB. In the game, players can use various types of dragons in battles. By playing, players will be rewarded with SB tokens and NFTs. DragonSB's tokens can be traded on open marketplaces (both in-game and out-game) and transferred for trading, staking, and farming, creating passive earning for players.

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Players can bet and use their dragons in battles against each other in many different PvP game modes from 1v1 to 3v3 battles.


Players can use various types of dragons in battles and complete the quests in story mode. By playing, players will be rewarded with SB tokens and NFTs.

Regular Missions

Players will receive daily quests each day. 1 Weekly quest and many more World Missions, completing a commission rewards $SB tokens, resources and exp.

NFT Marketplace

Players DragonSB's NFTs can be transferred from in-game to out-game world traded on open marketplaces


Players can buy various resources at the in-game shop. These resources can also be traded in the marketplace as NFT.


The game is FREE-TO-PLAY, and players can PLAY-TO-EARN. You don't need to spend money to start your journey in DragonSB and everyone can receive a free dragon at the start of the game.

Token Economics

In-game Currency

Most items in the game will be payable by using SB token.


DragonSB's team will use 70% of revenue to buy back SB and burn.


Users can use SB for staking and farming on Sbswap to increase earnings

Play To Earn

Players use SB to buy high fighting power dragons to increase the winning ratio in the arena and increase rewards in-game.

Your Dragons


  • Speed

    Medium speed

  • Power

    High Fighting power

  • Defense

    Medium defense

  • Speed

    Medium Speed

  • Power

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  • Speed

    Medium Speed

  • Power

    Low Fighting Power

  • Defense

    High defense


  • Speed

    Highest Speed

  • Power

    Medium Power

  • Defense

    Low Defense

  • Ironwing

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  • Ironwing

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Token Allocation

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution

Token metric

Stage Percentage Amount Token Price Per Token Vesting Period
Seed Round 5% 5,000,000 $ 0.12 10% TGE, 2 month cliff, 4.5% per month
Private Sale 8% 8,000,000 $ 0.14 15% TGE, 2 month cliff, 5% per month
Public Sale (IDO) 2% 2,000,000 $ 0.15 20% TGE, 2 month cliff, 20% every 3 months
Staking 10% 10,000,000 10% TGE, 2 month cliff, 5% per month
In-game Reward & Airdrop 30% 30,000,000 2.5% TGE, 1 month cliff, 2.5% per month
Reserve 5% 5,000,000 Full lock 6 months, then 8.3% per month
Team And ADv 25% 25,000,000 12 month cliff, 8.3% per month
Liquidity 5% 5,000,000 75% TGE, cliff 1 month, 5% per month
Marketing, Acquisitions, & Licenses 10% 10,000,000 Cliff 1 month, 5% per month
Total 100% 100,000,000
Token Name
CW-20 and BEP-20
Total Supply

Powered by Terra Blockchain

Low Transaction Fee

The Terra protocol charges a small transaction fee ranging from 0.1% to 1% on every Terra transaction, much less expensive than Etherium and many other blockchain platforms.

Multichain Platform

Terra blockchain is the bridge for other smart-contract-based blockchains where UST is a de facto decentralized currency. Specifically, UST constitutes the liquidity and utility across those blockchains. As a result, we created a multichain platform for DragonSB metaverse and ultimately it benefits the players.

The first and only metaverse game on the Terra Protocol Platform

DragonSB will build the foundation of gamefi and metaverse on the Terra Protocol Platform, thus create a developement revolution on the chain itself


Terra is the 3rd largest smart-contract platform in the world by total value locked (TVL). Consequently, Terra’s community is already robust and always demands new projects. By being the first metaverse game on Terra Protocol, DragonSB has a huge potential to grow drastically.

Road Map

Concept development

  • Whitepaper
  • Game concept
  • Website
  • Gameplot building
  • Character design
  • Story building

Beta Game Testing

  • IDO
  • CEX & DEX listing
  • Beta testing
  • PvE
  • World Boss
  • Resource System
  • Staking, Farming

Release game version 1.0

  • PvP
  • Update Map
  • More Dragon

Mobile Version

  • Android and IOS
  • VR support

Our Team

Halena Ha Vu - 47 - German Vietnamese. Graduated Uni Halle - Germany. Former CEO of Tinh Son Import-Export Group - Germany. Experiences in Crypto Market since 2016. CEO of SBswap and DragonSB Group.

Thu Ha Vu

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

Thuy Duong graduated in Marketing from FPT University. Thuy is also one of the strategists with a lot of practical experience while participating in Blockchain projects. She is interested in helping businesses grow using innovative marketing techniques.

Thuy Duong


Toni Tuan Nguyen - 51 - German Vietnamese. Graduated Universität Berlin. Chairman of Tinh Son Group (Europa Vietnam, Hano Food VN, TiSoFo HCMC - VN). European Market Development Manager of SBswap and DragonSB Group.

Quoc Tuan Nguyen

European Market Developing Manager

Steven Duc Tran - 39 - German Vietnamese. 13 years old studying in New Zealand. Graduated in International Finance - Oxford University New Zealand. Proficient in IT - joined Crypto Market since 2011. Founder & Chairman of SBswap and DragonSB Group.

Steven Tran Duc

Founder - Chairman

Raymondt. As a manager, investor, consultant, programmer in the blockchain field since 2015. He is the one who spreads the fire and always believes in absolute success in the project. With rich experience in engineering, management, marketing, and investment, Raymondt wishes to devote himself to development projects.



Monika My Le - 28. Graduated in accounting and auditing in Vietnam. Graduated from Faculty of Business Administration in Germany. Join Crypto market since 2015. Financial Manager of SBswap and DragonSB Group.

Tra My Le

Financial Manager

Thi Thu Huyen Nguyen - 37 - German Vietnamese. Graduated in Economics and Business Administration from Marne La Vallee University - Paris. Graduated in tax and law in Germany. Owns a tax consulting and accounting office V-Tax in Berlin. Tax and Legal Advisor of SBswap and DragonSB Group.

Thi Thu Huyen Nguyen

Tax & Legal Consultant

Building and developing team leader of DragonSb game server system with over 5 years of experience in game development using Unreal Engine

Lam Vu

Game Leader

Leader of the engineering team and be responsible for strategy and engineering operations. Master of Computer Science. Over 7 years of software development, many years of experience in the field of blockchain technology, NFT and smart contracts. A comprehensive technical architect with system scalability and security as well as DeFi solutions

Tien Phan

Blockchain Leader

Manage and lead Art team as well as creating numerous ideas for designing Dragonsb. Thao has over 5 years of experience in 3D modeling, rigging, animation, and special effects

Ba Thao Truong

3D Art

Jon Ren is Co-founder of PetRock Capital, CMO of Solanium.io and the Advisor to many projects such as Swaperry Exchange, Project SEED, Showcase Foundation, Volatility Protocol... With his own experiences in technology and blockchain, Jon Ren hopes to bring positive values to build the growth and success of the DragonSB.

Jon Ren


investors and partners